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Contrary to popular belief, the crime of assault does not include actually physically making contact with the victim. It means that the offender tried to injure another intentionally, or caused another person to fear that he would be injured based on threatening motions or words spoken by the offender. It's the crime of battery where actual physical harm is committed against the victim. At Darwish Law, a criminal defense firm in Santa Ana, we have the experience and knowledge to defend people for assault, battery and all other violent crimes. Our attorney, Sabrina Darwish, has garnered the level of legal and case presentation skills needed through her background as a public defender as well as her tenure serving as an associate for a high-powered Orange County defense attorney. She has established her own practice since that time, and these years of experience have proven to be of great benefit to those she defends.

Assault can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. A crime of simple assault is usually a misdemeanor, although in certain cases it is called a wobbler, where it can go either way depending on the prosecutor's decision. Conversely, if the charge of assault is filed as a felony, it's possible it can be downgraded to a misdemeanor if the right defense actions are taken early in the process. Realize the victim does not need to have suffered physical harm in order for the offender to be convicted of assault. So a moment of bad judgment can actually lead to a criminal record.

A conviction of simple assault could also mean up to six months in jail, fines up to $2,000, and six months to one year of probation. If it's prosecuted as a felony, it could mean up to one year in jail or far longer served in state prison, with fines up to $2,000, and one to three years probation.

Our firm knows that there are many effective defense strategies that could win against a charge of assault. For example, we might be able to prove that it would be unlikely or impossible for you to actually have hurt another person, regardless of the threat. Your action may have not been intentional, or you may have been acting in your own self-defense. You could also be the victim of a fabricated accusation. Be assured we fully investigate all the facts, including carefully interviewing any witnesses, as part of our thorough due diligence in crafting a compelling defense case. Call us now for a no obligation case evaluation.